Download our church app today! 

Use the app to access some basic info about NLC and also a quick link to the sermons and a link to fill out a prayer request form.

At the very top right hand side of the home page is a profile button.  From your profile you will be able to  access an overview of all your giving (whether you give through the app or not), any events you may have registered for, and you can also update your personal info (phone #, email, address, etc.).


Step 1: 

Go to your phones app store and search for “church center”


Step 2:

Once the app is downloaded, click “get started.” You can then “use my location” to bring up a list of   churches that are nearest to you or you can search for New Life Church Stonewall manually.


Step 3:

Click on New Life Church Stonewall and select “This is my church.”


Step 4: 

You will now have to create an account to log in.  This account is not linked to your email address, but to your cell phone number.  Enter your cell phone number and hit “next.”  You will then get a 6-digit code texted to you which you will need to enter.  Enter the code and hit “next.”


Step 5:

At this point, you may have to input some profile info or you might have an account already (this is because we are in the process of moving our church database from our old system to the new system which is linked to this app).